Friday, 15 August 2014

Free Project #2 - Create Paper Pieced Pattern


Really it's an entire sentence all by itself isn't it! That one word sums up what we as quilters do - and it's complete. All by itself. What a brilliant word - and a perfect one to have hanging in the sewing room!

So I have designed my favourite word as a little paper pieced pattern - it's perfectly sized to be made into a mini quilt, or a cushion, or a mug rug, or whatever else you deem needs to have the word "create" emblazoned across it!

As you can see, I chose to make mine into a mini quilt. Simple quilting, simple binding, but perfect for my sewing room. The fabrics I used are the Feather prints from Alison Glass's Sunprint range. Love love.

The pattern makes an 8" x 12" block but you can resize that however you wish by simply adding more fabric to the top and bottom of the block. All the letters are paper pieced, using the "Just My Type" font that I love so much. There are some fiddly and small pieces in there but I'm sure you'll agree the outcome is worth it! Just um.. don't pick this as your first ever foundation pieced project. Please. Come back when it's like your second project! Once you love paper piecing and you want to paper piece ALL THE THINGS! Ahem.

You can find this pattern as a free download in my Craftsy shop. The pattern is just for the paper piecing templates - leaving it up to you to decide what to make your block into!  And don't forget, when you're finished, share a picture with us! You can pop it on IG with the hashtag #makemodern or share it on our Facebook page. We'd love to see!

Happy sewing my friends! Let's go create - and make modern!
Kristy xx


  1. Thank you for the wonderful pattern. I just signed up for your first magazine and am so excited. Love paper pieced patterns and can't wait to see what you have for us in your first magazine. An excited quilter from Alaska.

    1. Thanks for your lovely words Margaret! Not long now til the first issue is out!

  2. perfection Kristy, thanks so much for sharing this! I love the little stripe of Sunprint binding too. Cat x

  3. Super cute! Thanks so much for the pattern!

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  6. Thank you for the wonderful pattern.



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