Thursday, 11 September 2014

Guest Blogger - Melissa from MsMidge

Hi there!  I'm Melissa - aka Ms Midge.  I am thrilled to be here introducing myself to you all on the Make Modern blog!

So, about me?  Well, I'm an almost-nearly-there-40 year old, living on the outskirts of Melbourne in the shadows of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.  If you have never been there, nor heard of them - do a quick Google search.  Best. Spot. In. Melbourne.  Moving right along......  I live here with my darling husband and our four kids.  My "paid" job is as a disability carer - a career I fell in to almost 20 years ago - but my sort of/kind of other paid (and quite regularly not paid enough) job is as a quilter!  It's another career I fell in to, but one I could not be enjoying any more!

Ms Midge - the business - started a few years ago, when the need for art smocks and library bags arose and every Mum at the school wanted one.  From there, I started making children's clothing and things took off!  Fast forward to 2012, when I thought I'd make a quilt.  A quilt.  ONE.  Ummmmm..........  Needless to say, things have snow-balled from there, and around 40 quilts later - I'm a Quilter!  My little business has now evolved in to one which I can make and sell a variety of goods - from quilted cushions, to bags and quilts.
I'm still a work in progress, and am learning every. single. day. Some of my recent quilt finishes have been made using new techniques (to me) which have pushed my skills beyond their limits!

When the lovely ladies at MM asked me if I would like to contribute to their first issue, I  couldn't say YES quick enough!  And when I discovered my contribution would, in fact, be gracing the cover - I just about died!  I'm excited to be a part of Make Modern, and will hopefully be able to bring a little bit of my warped sense of humour to my "Domestic Quilting Goddess" articles each issue.

I'm also hoping to see a few different versions of my Pavement Puddles quilt pattern made!

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  1. Its a fun way to get to "know" the talented gals who will be contributing to such a great magazine :)


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