Thursday, 2 October 2014

Guest Blogger - Ruth from Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner

Hi, my name is Ruth and I blog at Charly & Ben’s Crafty Corner and I guest blog on the Modern Quilters of Ireland blog once a month. As my blog name is way too long to type and expect people to remember, I go by CB Crafty Corner in social media and link up parties!

 I live in Limerick in Ireland, about an hour’s drive from the Atlantic coast where we walk our 2 dogs most weekends. The dogs make an appearance every now and again on the blog but most of the time, I write about my attempts at quilt design, things I’ve learned or links that I have found helpful to me in the hopes that what I have learned will help someone else too!

 I made my first quilt in 2012 from watching videos and classes online. I didn’t know anyone making quilts and after a year as a solitary hobby I started the blog to connect to like minded people. Since writing about my crafty ups and downs, I’ve joined 2 guilds, 3 Bee’s and a weekly sewing group – call me well and truly addicted! Oh and I’m partial to the odd swap here and there too! 

I love using the colour wheel and rainbow colours in my quilts. I don't always get things right like in this cushion, my very first attempt at designing my own pattern, I pieced one of the houses in upside down and only noticed after quilting. Doh! 

This year, I’ve tried to spend more time exploring quilt design and when Jane wrote to me to tell me they’d love my baby quilt idea for Make Modern I was thrilled to bits.

One of the things we were asked to think about, when writing our patterns, was to include options so things can be changed up a bit and add a bit more value for the readers. So I made a layer cake version of the pattern and this became a present for my mum. It’s probably the quickest quilt I ever made and is now my favourite, so far! 

  Thanks so much to Jane, Kristy and Lara for inviting me to be a part of Make Modern!


  1. I love how your pattern uses up charm pack and layer cakes, it a great way to display a whole fabric line :)

  2. The rainbow mini is a favourite of mine. I think I pinned it for a cushion idea to use up a mini charm pack.

  3. Thanks, guys. The pattern is quick to piece which is nice. Especially the layer cake one for a bed sized quilt. I had a pieced top done in a whole weekend which made for a handy present!


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