Monday, 26 January 2015

Being Aussie

Here at Make Modern, we are a team of three Aussie girls who happen to be passionate about quilting and sharing that love. As it’s Australia Day (oh, and Angie of GnomeAngel suggested it), we thought we might share a bit about why the ‘Aussie’ part of Make Modern is important to us.

We love all quilters – modern, traditional, art. We love quilters from everywhere, whether they’re up the road or across the globe. We love you all – you quilt, you’re cool. And we really appreciate that quilters from Australia and around the world have given us so much support – thank you.

Because we all get so much input from the internet and social media, quilting influences come from everywhere. But one thing we love about being Australian quilters is that our inspiration is so unique. The colours of the outback or the beaches inspire us, the forms of our natural flora and fauna serve as design inspiration. We’re not as caught up in the holidays or seasons as some parts of the world, so create quilts a little more freely. We like to infuse a bit of humour, fun or larrikinism into our quilts too – after all, that’s the Australian way.

As Australians, we are quilting at the right time. We are lucky enough to have the global (US based) quilt industry at our fingertips via the internet – information and hard to find materials are accessible like they’ve never been before. But we’ve also got a thriving Australian quilt industry, with Australian designers, shops, classes and shows that has been built over many years of Australian quilting. While it is easy to get caught up in the global scene, we think it’s important to also continue to reach out to our Australian friends to keep the Aussie quilting scene strong.   

 In the digital world, boundaries get blurred as we share so much information. But being an Australian magazine, we do like to have a good amount of Australian content – we very much want to promote quilting in this fabulous country. Our approach is to highlight some amazing Aussie designers and makers in each issue of our magazine, whether it be sharing their patterns, profiling them, local MQGs or feature articles. We love to go “Hey, check out this awesome Aussie who makes great stuff!”. We love that people from all over the world are reading our magazine and can see that quilting is so strong in Australia. 

By the way, if you know of a great Aussie quilter or quilting related business you think we should consider including in the magazine, why not drop us a line? ( Because while we do love everything quality, it’s only fair to admit that we do heart our Aussie quilters just a teeny bit more. Can you blame us?

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